Vuelta a Espana: Fights between fans and police

The fight between Real Madrid and Barcelona has already ended, but the fans are still waiting for the next confrontation. The teams met in the Champions League, and the game was extremely tense.

The first half of the game, Real Madrid dominated. Barcelona tried to break the deadlock, but Real Madrid managed to score a few times. The score was 3:2 at the end of the first half, but in the second half, Barcelona managed to break away from Real Madrid.
The game was really tense, and it was obvious that the final score of the match was 3-2. Fans and players were waiting for a fight to continue, but there was no such fight.
However, the fight between the teams will start in the next round, because the teams have a lot of matches ahead.
Fans’ emotions after the match

After the match, the fans were really emotional. Many of them were waiting to see the fight continue, because they were confident that the teams would fight until the last second.
Many fans were disappointed with the score of 3-1, because Real Madrid had a lot more chances to win. However, the players of Barcelona managed not to give them any chance.
“Barcelona” players showed a really good game, and they scored a few goals. The main goal of the team was to get a place in the group stage of the Champions league.
They managed to do it, but they had to fight until now. The fight ended with a score of 2:3, which was not enough for them to get into the playoffs.
In the next match, “Real” will try to get even, because it is the first time that the team will play in the final of the tournament.
Team’s results in the matches
The team of “Barça” has already played in the Europa League. The team managed to get to the quarterfinals, but it lost to “Liverpool”. The last match of the season was a really tense game, because “Roma” was able to get the upper hand, and “Manchester City” lost.
It was obvious to see that the game ended with the final result. The final score was 2:1 for “City”, which is not enough to get in the playoffs, but “Chelsea” and ”Liverpool’ were also in the quarter finals.
After this, the teams’ results will be very important for the team. “Juventus” is in the play-off round, and if the team wins there, it will be able to enter the next stage of European competitions.
All the latest news about the teams
This season, ”Barcelona “played in the Copa del Rey, and won it for the second time in a row. The victory was a great success for the club.
This year, the club won the title of the best club in Spain. The previous time, the team won the trophy, it was in the previous season.
Despite the fact that the club has a lot to do, it managed to win the trophy. The club has already won the Europa league, and now it will try for the Champions cup.
Now, the main goal for the players is to get closer to the Champions club. ”Juventus “is one of the main favorites of the championship, and its main goal is to win gold medals.
Will “Napoli” be able not to win a place at the Champions Cup?
“Atletico” also has a good chance to get near to the club of the same name. ’s main goal this season is to enter in the European cups. The players of the club are very confident, because many of them have already won many trophies.
Main favorites of this season
In the current season, the most popular team is “Bayern” of ”Bayern Munich” with its players. The “Königsblauen” are also very popular, because of the fact they won the German championship.
But the club is not the only one that is very popular. ‘’Atletico “also has a great chance to enter into the Champions cups. ‚’’ “Sevilla” “won the Coples and ‘Barcelona” won the Champions.
There is a lot that can change in the upcoming season, and many clubs have a chance to win many trophies, but only a few will be in the top 4.
Teams’ prospects in the future
Now, the clubs have already played a lot, and there are a lot chances to get close to the leaders.
If “Borussia” can get into a higher position, then the team can enter the Champions tournament. „Bayern” and „Seville” have a good chances to enter to the Europa club. However it is not clear whether “Tottenham” or “Arsenal” could enter the Europa tournament. The results of the matches are not so good, but many people believe that the clubs will be ready for the fight.

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