How long can Conte avoid signing a contract extension?

The Italian coach has been in charge of the Bianco-Neri for a year and a half, and he has already managed to strengthen the team in a number of positions. This summer, the club managed to get some important acquisitions, such as the signing of the young midfielder Danilo.

The Bianco have also managed to sign the defender Danilo, who is a good option for the team if Conte decides to leave the club. The Italian coach will have to decide whether to sign a new contract with the club, or to continue to work under the guidance of the head coach.
The club will be able to count on the fact that Conte will be the one to decide the fate of the club’s position in the Serie A table.
Will the Bianconeri be able not to miss the Champions League zone for a long time?
The team has already made a number off acquisitions, which will help it to compete for the title. The main one of them is the signing this summer of the midfielder Danilos. The young player has already shown his quality, and the BianCON have already managed not to lose him.
However, the team still needs to strengthen other positions, and Conte has managed to do this in the summer. The coach has managed not only to strengthen his own players, but also to strengthen their rivals.
This summer, Juventus has strengthened the midfield, and it is now able to play with the team from Milan. This is a very important point, because the BianCon are the main rivals of the Turineses, and they have already been in the Champions league zone for several seasons in a row.
Conte’ll have to choose between the club and the Champions. The team has a numberof transfers in the transfer window, which can help it in the long run.
What are the chances of the team to win the title this season?
This season, Juventus will be very interesting to fans, because it will be interesting to watch the team’scapacity. The club has already strengthened its positions, which should help it not to fall behind its competitors, and this is exactly what the team needs.
In the summer, Conte managed to bring in a young player, who will help the team not to be behind its rivals in the fight for the champion title. Danilo is a young midfielder who can help the Bianconi to play in the team. The player has a good level of technical skills, and his experience will be a good addition to the squad.
At the moment, the Biancone have a good lineup, which is very important for the success of the season. The players have already shown their skills, which allowed them to win several trophies in the domestic arena.
Who will be Juventus’ main competitors?
In summer, other teams have also strengthened their positions. However, the main competitors of the Juventus are:
· Milan;
· Milan; and
· Inter.
Juventus has a very good squad, which has already won the Champions trophy. The next season, the players will have a new coach, and if Conza is able to continue the good results of the last season, then the team will be one of the main favorites of the championship.
Where can fans follow the team?
Fans can follow the progress of the players on the website of sports statistics, where they will find a lot of interesting information. This season, it will not be easy for the club to fight for gold medals, because other teams will be stronger than it.
Moreover, the fans can follow Juventus” progress on the mobile phone, and on the sports channel. The website of the sports statistics provides the latest information, and fans can find it on the Internet.
You can follow all the results of Juventus on the site of sports analytics, where you will find the latest news and detailed statistics of the matches.
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Fans have long been able to follow the results on the football livescore, and now it is much easier to do it. The information is updated in real time, and you can always find the information about the team on the home page of the resource.
There are a lot more matches to watch, and there are a few more important competitions that will be held in the near future. The season has already been long, and many clubs have already won several trophies.
If you want to follow all their results, you can use the mobile version of the site. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.
It is easy to find the matches of the teams that are competing for the gold medals. You can find the results in a convenient format, and all the information is available to you in full.
Here, you will also find the schedule of the upcoming matches, as well as the schedule for the upcoming tournaments.
All the information on the livescore is available on the platform of sports analysts, and here you will not miss anything important.
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The season 2018/19 has already brought a lot to football fans. The fight for a place in the European Cup zone is already in full swing, and we can expect a lot from the teams.
One of the most intriguing competitions is the Europa League.

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